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Care for any age

Don't worry about going to a chiropractor that's going to provide catch-all care. Your child's age, health factors and personal needs are taken into account so as to deliver a customized plan. Dr. Simonson has advanced training in pediatric care.

  • Walking and crawling can cause spinal issues

  • Trauma can put stress on your child's nervous system

  • The nervous system controls development

  • Chiropractic care can rid your child of a subluxation

New patients are always welcome, and we can deliver high-quality care for the entire family. Dr. Simonson prides herself on great bedside manner in a family-driven, professional environment. You are our priority and are like family to us!

We will check early for subluxations

Checking for subluxations early on in children is critical. It is important to check as soon as possible after birth, as even non-invasive births can cause extreme stress on a child's spine. Subluxations are a misalignment within the spine that can lead to health issues. Chiropractors are the only ones with the necessary training and knowledge to remove subluxations to ensure your newborn can avoid serious health issues.

Proper chiropractic care for children

The entire family is welcome

Ensuring Your Child is Healthy and Active

Healthy habits should begin at a young age. Dr. Kristine Simonson DC believes in delivering the right chiropractic care for children so they have an active and happy lifestyle.

Chiropractic service on a young boy Chiropractic service on a young boy

We offer many different techniques and therapies to treat conditions and pain.

Chiropractic Care for Kids Chiropractic Care Kids